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Random Shelf

15 600 rub
We continue to draw inspiration from outdoor sport aesthetics. This shelf is no exception. We were fascinated by the way climbers sleep on cliff faces. We learned that to do that they use a deployable hanging tent system called “Portaledge”. We wanted to play with this concept. The final shelf design included three finely crafted ledges. They make shelf more stable, help to hold straps in place and resemble portaledge structure.

Can support up to ?? kg (still testing, will update later, but a lot)
Materials: White Ash, Oil/Wax, Webbing straps, Metal Half rings
Shelf is 900mm x 200mm x 18mm (30mm at the ledges)
Every shelf is handcrafted in St Petersburg, Russia

Shelves come with 2 wall hooks. You will need to drill two holes.

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