We are brother and sister from St Petersburg, Russia. We experiment with form and materials, and make fashion items, home accessories and other random things. Our moto goes like this: Finding a balance between doing something beautiful and doing something useful.
That’s us, Grisha and Dasha.
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Random project 1
Our first product. A random strap!
We do our projects by hand in our workshop in St Petersburg and source materials both locally and internationally to achieve the perfect mix between aesthetic and functionality. All items are made with physical, cultural and emotional longevity in mind. In other words, you will use them for years with pleasure. 
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But hey, we didn't tell you how it all started. In 2015 we organised a small family workshop where we produced small leather goods. It was a way to relax from computers that we were using for 8 hours per day minimum in our full-time studies and jobs. We loved it.

In 2020 Greg graduated from Polimoda in Florence, where he was studying accessories design. Dasha gained experience as a graphic designer and photographer. In 2021 we realised that we are able to create beautiful objects and works. So we founded Random Projects Studio.
Projects timeline
May 2021
Random strap ↗
June 2021
Everyday Bag ↗
July 2021
Random Trinket ↗
September 2021
Keychain ↗
December 2021
Random shelf ↗
June 2022
R/N Cardholder ↗
July 2022
Spacious bag ↗
December 2022
Design event Forms ↗
May 2023
Sweet Rolling Pin ↗
September 2023
Parachute Boxers ↗